Sunday, December 22, 2013

Overhead Squat and Olympic Snatch PR

I'm still making good progress on my Olympic lifting and having a lot of fun.  The two Olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) are really technical if done correctly.  So learning them is a bit like learning the golf swing.  It's not something that happens overnight.  It's the perfect "hobby" work for me this time of year. 

My form totally sucks, but here are my most recent PR lifts.  Even though my technique is poor (largely due to poor flexibility), I'm still pleased that I couldn't do an overhead squat with just a PVC pipe 6 months ago, so I'm definitely improving.  I should probably be working on the clean and jerk (and front squat) before the snatch, since the clean and jerk technique is easier.  I'll probably incorporate more of that this week. 

Overhead Squat



  1. I am looking and that weight does not include the bar?

  2. The weight does include the bar. Bar is 45lbs. So for the 105lb snatch, I've got the bar, two 25lb plates and two 5lb collars.

    1. Oh, it looked like bigger plates.

  3. It is confusing because these are bumper plates. In a regular gym the 45lb iron plates are bigger than the 25lb plates, etc. They aren't designed to be dropped. With bumper plates, they are designed to be dropped, so all plates are the same circumference. So the only way to tell them apart is by reading the numbers on them, color, etc. Given the lighting in this video, you can't see the 25lb marks on the side of the plate.