Friday, May 4, 2012

Body Fat Competition Begins

"If you give up, someone else will take your place.  Someone who won't give up."  @lisatwight

DB strict press 60lb x 15 x 2

Our numbers are in for the bodyfat competition.  I'm at 10.5% and Brian is 15.4% and Jen is 27% (I have no idea how women's bodyfat % converts to men's, though I do know women have overall higher numbers).  Jen's bodyfat % has been steadily declining since she had Ben (17 months ago), and she really didn't have that much to lose in the first place.  Even given that, I think she has the best chance to win this if she gets more consistent on running over the summer.  She has been the least consistent of the three of us on cardio the last few months.  I have an uphill battle to win this thing.  I need to stay committed to the diet and get out for more ultra long runs this summer.  We need to confirm timing, but I think we are going to shoot for Labor Day as deadline.

My ab work experiment didn't last long.  I'm just not into doing them.  I could be doing more reps and working harder at it, but I just get bored.  Oh well.

I'm also getting weaker on the shoulder presses.  I couldn't do 3 reps even once today.  In my experience this is the natural progression when you really stay consistent with the weights.  You get stronger right away, and then your muscles get fatigued and you get a bit weaker.  Then your muscles adapt and the strength gains come again.  The key is to stick with it long enough to get through the weakness phase.  Fortunately, my elbow feels great (first time in months), so I'm not changing a thing at this point.  I'm just happy to not wake up in the morning with my elbows throbbing.

This story is cool (picture below from the story).

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